What is Reality Shifting?

March 27, 2021

What is Reality Shifting?

When human beings think of reality shifting, they typically assume it’s some strange phenomenon only observed in fairy tales. What if someone informed you that being in a position to switch to a different reality can be plausible? Reality shifting is the possibility of transferring your consciousness into an alternate reality or universe. It can be compared to be in a daydream or lucid dreaming or astral projection. However, there are differences.

What is reality shifting?

Reality shifting works hand in hand with the “Multiverse Theory”. We shift all the time by making decisions like picking *this* instead of *this*. You just shifted now when you chose to read this post, as there is a reality out there where you completely skipped over it. Does that make sense? There are trillions upon trillions of realities out there. So when you are shifting realities, you are tranferring your consciousness to a different reality and experience things as if you were a part of it. What is extraordinary when shifting realities, is that you have all of your senses (touch, smell, taste, etc) as you would in your current reality. Everything IS REAL.

To give you an example about how real it is, from a reality shifter report, he wrote:

" At the precise moment I shifted, I knew I had shifted and I was fully conscious of it. The first thing I did, was to watch my forearms. I could feel and be conscious of each of my 10 fingers, moving them one by one, as if I was in my current reality. No difference at all. It was not like in a dream, where we only have an overall impression of things. It was 100% the same of the current reality, except the world I had in front of my eyes. If you would have told me that I was teleported, I would have believed you! The concept of teleportation that everyone knows, is the closest thing I could refer my experience to."


What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid Dreaming is the act of being aware that you are dreaming and being able to control/manipulate your dream. This might seem like reality shifting because it may feel very real and vivid but they are very different. When you are experiencing a lucid dream your senses are very distorted like they would be in a dream. Maybe you can smell or feel things to a certain extent but it is still a dream nonetheless, you haven’t actually shifted. A lot of people mistake lucid dreaming with reality shifting and claim that they shifted, but to the wrong reality. Dreams can feel very real yes, but be sure you will know the difference between dreaming and shifting your consciousness!

What is astral projection?

Astral Projection is pretty similar to reality shifting, as the symtoms of projecting are similar if not identical to shifting. But, astral projection is the act of projecting your soul/consciousness out of your body and into the astral plane of this reality. Astral Projection is also called an OBE (out of body experience) or astral travel.

When you project your soul/consciousness, it stays attached to your body by a silver cord. Your body will not be inhabited by a clone for the time of your astral projecting, it instead is a vessel for you to return to. When projecting you can travel anywhere within your current reality or something that co-exists with it (i,e, the feary realm, heaven, etc...) What is wonderful with astral travelling, is that you can fly, pass through walls and go where ever you want to go, in a fraction of time, whatever the real distances. You can travel to places like your friend's house, Neptune, the moon, the past, etc... You don't have your normal 5 senses though, you have sight but your senses are mainly intuition based in the astral realm.

The difference between reality shifting and astral projection, is that with astral projection, you project your soul/consciousness to explore the astral plane of THIS CURRENT REALITY while with reality shifting, you are shifting your consciousness to inhabit a new body in a different reality.