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    Nothing's more amazing than getting a chance to relax on a comfortable acupressure mat after a long tiring day at work or a strenuous workout. Especially, if you suffer from neck or back pains, these mats can be a great relief!

    Our Acupressure Mat is an ultimate choice for releasing muscular tension and increasing blood circulation. Start slow, make it a part of your routine, and then experience some amazing results. 


    💯 High-Quality Material: Our Acupressure Mats and Pillows are made of 100% cotton cloth and ABS plastic. The best part is it is absolutely safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic!

    🤩 Powerful Pressure Points: The pressure point/needle pressure point on each white plastic thorn can effectively press the skin, stimulate the blood circulation of capillaries on the skin surface, and relieve physical and mental fatigue and pressure.

    👍 Various Purposes: This Acupuncture mat and neck pillow can be used for a variety of problems, from general stiffness to chronic back pain, tension headaches, to cellulite, etc. which can lead to better overall sleep quality and skin cell recovery. Plus, it will be effective for enhancing mood. Using 15 minutes a day can greatly improve your quality of life.

    🧺 Washing Method: Draw out the sponge, put a small amount of detergent into warm water, wash it by hand, rinse it several times, and then air dry it naturally. Do not machine wash it, so as not to damage the blanket and machine!

    *Cautions*: Use with caution for pregnant women, patients with inflammation or open wounds on the skin surface, patients with low blood pressure, and heart disease. Use in children under adult supervision.

    Key Facts:

    • 210 flowers on the mat
    • 59 flowers on the pillow
    • Massage cushion:26.8 x 16.5 x 0.8 in (67 x 42 x 2 cm)
    • Colors: Purple, Blue, Black, Green, Orange,




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