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    Lack of flexibility in yoga class can be frustrating. Yoga Blocks can assist you in extending your reach in challenging yoga poses. The lightweight foam yoga bricks are ideal for beginners or those that just need a little assistance getting into certain poses.

    Features and benefits:

    💃🏽 Robustness: These Yoga blocks are 100% EVO. This material is extremely resistant and reliable. Once you got this Yoga block at home, you won't have to buy new ones for the rest of your life!

    ✨  Effective design: Yoga Blocks are the perfect accessory to help extend your reach and support you in those poses that are a bit trickier. The high-density foam design has a non-stick surface for better grip and is lightweight for easy carrying. 

    🌿  Lightweight: We all get tired of carrying that extra weight around after an intensive exercise. These yoga blocks, however, are handy, light, and convenient for everyone.

    Key facts:

    • Size: 23cm X15cm X 7.5cm
    • Material: EVA 
    • Color: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple



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