How to shift realities

March 27, 2021

How to shift realities

First thing to know, there is no « one size fits all » method related to reality shifting. You may have to use many methods or even, the no method to achieve a reality shift yourself. The most known and used methods for the moment are:

The Raven method

The Alice and wonderland method

The pillow method

The elevetor method


On our side until now, we have identified 3 constants that repeat for each one reporting having made a reality shift.

An intention to make a reality shift

As Reality Shifting has everything to do with consciousness, no one has shifted accidentely, without wanting it seriously. That being said, why some are able to make it while others can’t? The answer is that a majority of us think they are conscious when they are awake, but they are not. They are day dreamers, which is the perfect opposite of being conscious. Being in autopilot mode is everything except living the current moment. As the reality shifting door is a small side door just before falling asleep, you have to be fully aware and prepared to jump at the precise moment you cross this side door, if you want to make it consciously. Cause remember, everyone of us is shifting  during the night, while our bodies are regenerating, but unconsciously without remembering anything on next morning.

Each night, our mind processes all the data collected during the day and play dreams accordingly to this. The thing is, to be aware while we sleep, we must first be aware when we are awake. As during the night our brain processes all the things experimented during the day, we must implement a strategy during the day for our brain to question itself continuously if it is dreaming or if it is conscious. To be conscious while you are asleep, repeat this sentence more than a hundred times per day, to condition your mind :

« Am I dreaming or am I conscious? I’m conscious. »

You will feel the real effects of asking yourself this continuously. If you were day dreaming, it brings you back here in the current moment. With this strategy, as your mind will have treated this information all day long, it will treat it again and again during the night, giving you a window to awake your consciousness while asleep.


Reality shifting is real but it requires faith, motivation and consistency… until your first time. After you KNOW it is real. So if you don’t control the moment it will happen, you can on the other hand control the way you will deploy daily efforts to make it happen. Reality shifting is not a right but a privilege, to those who are making the choice on a daily basis, to empower themselves and focussing to increase their consciousness in every moment. This is why reality shifting is on the cross border with spirituality and science, with quantum mechanics. 

***In the era we are in now, everyone wants instantly what they need. If they don’t get quickly what they want, they change their mind and ask for something else instead. By doing so, what have been deployed as efforts until there will fall apart and nothing will manifest at all. ***So what mindset should we have to keep on the long run? Your child heart. A naïve kid that knows for sure that something exists while desiring it really hard, without falling in the trap to be obsessed by it. This way, your desire will live for a long time, bringing you a lot more chances to succeed.

Having a free mind

The last constant we found among people who succeeded to make a reality shift, is that they had a free mind. They had no major concerns, as lack of money, recent loving split, medical disease or any addictions, among all others. Their minds were free, free to go. Our mind is a powerfull tool but unfortunately, it takes the control on everyone of us sometimes, if not for always in many cases. If you are not able to calm down your mind, you won’t be able to make a reality shift.

Reality shifting is really close of the empowering movement that occurs right now, teaching us how to materialize things we want in our current reality. For both of them, the major obstacle we face is our mind. By understanding the following image, you will understand better how to get free of your own mind and unlock new opportunities in your life, such as reality shifting.

When you were born, you were given a mustang, a magnificent but powerfull and savage horse, your mind. While growing up with it,  you gained confident and knowledge on controlling your mustang properly. Quickly you lost of sight that your mustang became a way more bigger and stronger than yourself. While on its back riding with it, you started dreaming by looking all around you. You were not scared at all because because your proud mustang was leading everything. After few years like this, you were now just following the will of your horse. You went where it wanted to go and you didn’t go where it was scared to go. You didn’t even realize after many years, that you had not even a life goal for yourself. You were just moving forward with your loyal horse, discovering what life had to offer you. When your mustang was in age to die soon, you realized that you didn’t achieve what you really wanted in life. Your inner voice yelled you all these years by all possible means and signals, but you have ignored them all. It was too late when you finally realized that you have been at the service of an animal your whole life, wasting your entire human experience in this current life.

The lesson

In the dense and physical world we live in, your mind is stronger than your soul. While your mind is linked to this physical reality and will stay here when death will come, your soul on the other hand, will continue its journey by increasing its consciousness on every opportunity. Should you be mad to your horse for having led you in the wrong way? Clearly not! Cause he is not the one to blame. Should you dominate your horse exclusively by physical force or by showing it that you are the rider and you are the only one who decides the direction to take?  Reading the question is answering the question. So now you know. Hold the reins firmly, look attentively where you want to go, and order your proud mustang to bring you there. When your horse will be scared, you will feel it and vice versa. Fear is a feeling really contagious. But no matter what, it is up to you to put back fear into perspective and start riding again in your direction. Having a clear vision gives you a lot of assurance and reduces fear to a low level.


This post will be updated every time new info become available.



April 26th, 2021